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Saturday, 8 June, 2013
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Wednesday, 5 June, 2013

YAPC::NA 2013 Links From a Non-Attendee

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Got a comment? A question? More of a comment than a question? Talk to me about this page on:

YAPC::NA, the Yet Another Perl Conference for North America, just happened. I didn’t go. Since I didn’t go, I want to compile everything I can find about the conference in one place. Videos, slides, blog posts, whatever.

I am ready to add, edit, or remove items as needed. Make your suggestions or comments in the comments section.

There’s also an Eventifier compilation of YAPC::NA, which includes most of this and a lot of photos as well.


Here’s the YouTube playlist of YAPC::NA 2013 Talk Videos.


From a #yapcna search on Twitter and scrubbing around on the YAPC::NA site.

Yichung Zhang
sregex: matching Perl 5 regexes on data streams - lightning talk
Joe McMahon
How to Make Your Users Not Want to Murder You, or Software Engineering for the Lazy
Heath Bair
How to run a Perl Workshop or Conference
Nick Patch
Unicode Best Practices
Stevan Little
Moe Status Update + Perl - The Detroit of Scripting Languages
Patrick Michaud
Perl 6 on the JVM
Daniel Sterling
Packaging Perl RPMs
Ingy döt Net
Acmeism - Hacking in all Languages at once
John Lightsey
Auditing Open Source Perl Code for Security
Buddy Burden
Method::Signatures: A How-To
Yichun Zhang
Flame Graphs for Online Performance Profiling
Mark Allen
perl, DTrace, and you
Reini Urban
Design Decisions on p2
Denise Paolucci
Be Kind To Your Wrists (you’ll miss them when they’re gone)
Dave Rolsky
A Date with Perl
Patrick Michaud
Parallelism in Perl 6
Jonathon Rockway
Introduction to Dart
Brock Wilcox
Introduction to AngularJS
Casey West
How to be a Web UI Developer
R Geoffrey Avery
Dancer: Getting to ‘Hello World’
Andrew Rodland
StatsD and You — Easy Application Metrics
Greg Lindahl
Building a Web-Scale Search Engine in Perl - contains slides and further resources
Nathan Gray
Unit-test CGIs with mod_perl2 via Plack
Yusuke Wada
Inside Bokete: Web Application with Mojolicious and others.
Joe Axford
Notes from a Newbie