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I Learned GitHub Has Interesting Links

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Today I got to take part in a User Experience Research interview with some fine folks from GitHub. It was straightforward. We chatted for about half an hour, mostly discussing GitHub. Makes sense. They learned how I used it. Since there is so little of GitHub that I use, they got to show me some nifty things.

Like the “Explore” link up in the nav bar, for example. Any site’s “explore” link is generally useless, and often insulting - little more than a collection of paid promoted links. By 2014 I have learned to ignore the urge to explore. Turns out the GitHub “Explore” is somewhat nifty. Maybe just for me. Anyways. It is a collection of potentially interesting categories of projects hosted on Github, followed by your basic trending / starred-by-folks-you-follow / starred-by-staff blocks. I liked it. I was surprised.

They also told me about GitHub Guides, a more explicitly useful link. Check it out. Documentation, pretty pictures, good habits. Lots of stuff in there.

There were other things, but those two items are what stuck in my head.

I told them the heavy emphasis on social interaction is what distinguishes Github from similar services. I also said I wanted to use that aspect more. So I followed them.

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