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My New New (New) Site

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I have been exploring Emacs recently. As part of that exploration, I decided to use o-blog. Why? Well. I want to blog more. I want to use Emacs more. I got tired of my WordPress blog. o-blog sits on top of Org, which is the Killer App of Emacs for me. Org mode is amazing. o-blog is nifty, and relatively easy to get started with. I have fiddled with the o-blog templates to suit my tastes. I replaced browser-side Less CSS with a bit of Sass at build time. Eventually I’ll port the Wordpress posts to o-blog and maybe the old coolnamehere pages to something involving org-mode.

Just thinking and typing right now. You can go home if you want.

I will try to keep things a little better organized than the WordPress blog. A bucket for each language was excessive. I’m thinking categories for tools, programming, emacs, and whatever. Tags can cut across categories. Programming would be the general art of using words to make computers do things. Tools are about specific ways to make life easier or extend your capabilities. For example, a post about using ack would go under “Tools” and a post about using Perl to extend ack’s functionality would go under “Programming.” Emacs is its own world, with its own tools and programming. The default category is the more mundane blog stuff: what I’m up to, what I had for dinner, the latest cat video to catch my attention.

There is bound to be some overlap. I may need to fiddle with the categories. That means a good site map is important. This is a good start, though.

Anyways. I better post this now or I will keep fiddling with it forever.

Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-02-01