I posted The Emacs Tutorial as ELisp Tour on Saturday, 24 May, 2014

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The Emacs Tutorial as ELisp Tour

I am trying to really learn how to use GNU Emacs. One thing that strikes me is how the Emacs user interface can be thought of as a client application to an Emacs Lisp API. This is not a revolutionary thought, but it really stuck in my head. I reread the official tutorial, focusing on the functions rather than the keybindings that invoke them.

The first function is obviously the one to get the tutorial started.

help-with-tutorialC-h tLaunch the Emacs learn-by-doing tutorial

Then I spent a couple days with liberal usage of describe-key and describe-function to better understand what the tutorial was describing. It was helpful. Now I just want to organize those notes and post them on the blog.

Or I could /post/2014/05/elisp-functions-described-in-the-emacs-tutorial[dump the list] onto a blog post.

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