I posted Welcome to Jekyll! on Saturday, 26 July, 2014

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Welcome to Jekyll!

Just don’t even ask. I am in a highly fickle phase with the Web site.

Despite an excellent suggestion from Miguel Grinberg to try Frozen Flask, I am too far along in this week of Jekyll to change my mind now.

Maybe next week.

It is tempting to write a lengthy blog post describing everything I did to integrate the old coolnamehere pages, get a breadcrumb trail on every page, set up tags, and the rest. I am not in the mood. There are other things I want to write about. Heck, I may have this site published via yet another tool next week. I will just list the resources that made it easier to assemble the site in its current form with Jekyll.

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disclaimer about timing

Mentions are sent to webmention.io. I fetch the latest mentions when building the site, so I may not see your feedback right away. Especially if my site's broken, which is often the case.

Public replies and mentions might be shared on the site, but I try to do a little quality check first.

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