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Blogspot Content Imported

Tags: site marginalia

I enjoyed importing the coolnamehere content so much last weekend that I decided to import the posts from a neglected Blogger blog this weekend. jekyll-import simplified the actual import process, though I still had a lot of manual cleanup to perform.

The footer now includes links to All Categories and All Posts. The main category listing in the header was pared back down to the stuff I expect to update. I need to do something with the full post listing. It is unwieldy now. Time to look up Jekyll plugins.

I don’t know what to do with the material still hosted on Blogspot. Do I delete it? Do I make each post redirect here? I’ll figure it out.

I looked at the number of visitors to that blog since 2006 — not many — and opted to delete it rather than spend any time messing with redirects.

Why do this in the first place? I got bored of having pages I wrote more or less for myself being scattered here, there, and everywhere. It’s a little easier to remember what I’ve learned if I keep it in one place.

I also have my old LiveJournal posts, but they may end up staying offline. They lack programming content and serve mainly as an insight into how profoundly depressed I was up to about 2009 or so. Not especially excited about reviewing that content at the moment.

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