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Rainy's Mish-Mash Socks

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Some socks to go with rainys-mish-mash-gloves I made a few weeks ago.



I know I know I’ve been quiet. I haven’t been lazy, though. Mostly work and knitting. Tonight I posted the three knit projects finished since the last time I updated the site in January.

I still have loads of yarn after making a pair of fingerless gloves for my friend. Asked if she wanted some long socks to match, and of course she said yes.

These go over the knee. I couldn’t find any patterns I liked, so I improvised. They are regular toe-up socks until about four inches up, then I added two stitches very half inch until I had added an inch and a half, and knit straight from there. I used the next size smaller needle for the cuff to get a snug fit at the top. I have a tight gauge. You might add more stitches per increase or have more increases overall. If I can repeat this experiment I’ll turn it into an actual pattern.

The patterns I found had one of two problems. Some were simply straight tubes, which would have been too tight around the calves. Others started adding stitches immediately after the heel, which results in what I consider a sloppy look between ankle and calf. I have no pictures for you yet, but that experiment worked out perfectly.

The only part that I wasn’t fully satisfied with is that I bound off one sock just a little too tightly. Didn’t realize it until she tried them on. However, it wasn’t bound tight enough that I could convince her to relinquish the socks for me to fix it. Just something to remember next time.

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