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Amazon Donates Space For Mary's Place Home

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My main hobby project is for Mary’s Place, a local homeless shelter network in Seattle. It was immensely satisfying to see their director’s face when I visited Amazon this morning.

Way back when I contracted at Amazon, and their apparent lack of community engagement at the time annoyed me endlessly. Not only have they improved in that domain recently, but I approve of at least one organization they focus on :thumbsup:

From the Amazon feature:

Mary’s Place announced today that Amazon will donate more than 47,000 sq. ft. of space within Amazon’s newest headquarters building as a permanent location for a Mary’s Place Family Shelter. This first-of-its-kind partnership will include 65 rooms, which will shelter more than 200 homeless women, children, and families each night.

Very happy for Mary’s Place. Of course, this just reminds me of all the stuff I still had on my TODO for that hobby project!

More details in a blog post on the Mary’s Place site.

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