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Saturday, 1 July, 2017
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Wednesday, 14 June, 2017

My Weston Hat

Ended up knitting this one twice. Tried the large size first, and it ended up way too large for my taste. Frogged and restarted the smaller size, making a new set of mistakes. But the hat fits now and I’m not starting again!

Me wearing the Weston
Me wearing the Weston

I went with the free Weston pattern by DROPS Design, using Caron Cakes Lemon Lime yarn. Mine doesn’t look much like theirs. Different yarn causes some of that. Mistakes in my cabling caused a little of it. Not sure about that ribbing, though. Mine measures correctly for the pattern, but looks huge compared to the sample image.

Extra Notes

  • I had to do some math for placing decreases from brim to body, as the pattern didn’t specify placement.
  • Switched from circular to DPNs for the decrease at the top. The pattern has three repeats, so you either need to be smart about placing your dpns — which I did with the first version — or you need to use 3 dpns and be careful about ladders — which I did with the second version.
  • You will probably want a shorter ribbed section than the pattern describes if you want to knit their hat and show off the cabling.