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Tuesday, 10 April, 2018
My Replacement Boy Beanie
Sunday, 18 March, 2018

Interviewed About Facebook

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As mentioned on Twitter:

An hour and a half for a fifteen minute interview of which they used ten seconds for their two minute bit but OMG I’M ON TV

(and they finally stopped showing my number in the clear)

interview link

The interview mainly provided a “Facebook User” reaction to news about Facebook logging text and call metadata on Android devices, which got more attention thanks to people checking their data after the currently most recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. I tell you what: my friends who never joined Facebook are feeling justifiably smug.

Alas, my awkward attempts to plug Mastodon, Signal, and Telegram went nowhere.

The East Coast feed included a clear shot of my phone number on the Messenger screen. That led to some amusing texts — and phone calls, but I never answer my phone so that had no impact. They edited that overshare after a couple hours and the texts stopped.

Most importantly, I got an awful new profile image for FB and Twitter — thanks to a Twitter friend sending the suggestion with a particularly choice screenshot — and I got to show off my Boy Beanie on national news.