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Pearl Jam Tag
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Pearl Jam Tag

Dog and I saw a Pearl Jam logo tag while walking near Easy Street Records this morning.

Probably something to do with this sign right next to the tag.

Easy Street sign announcing 'Pearl Jam Home Shows Aug 8 & 10'
Easy Street sign announcing ‘Pearl Jam Home Shows Aug 8 & 10’

All right, so what does the sign mean by "Home Shows?" At first I thought it described some special in-store event, since Easy Street has associated with Pearl Jam for a while. Last year the business marked the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by putting up a pop-up store – a corner dedicated to the band’s music and so on.

Oh good. I found an explanation on the band’s site:

Most of us grew up here. Over the past 28 years, the City of Seattle’s population has grown by 40%. The region’s homelessness population is now the third largest in the country, with over 12,000 people living without shelter on any one night. This is not a number to be proud of.

As part of The Home Shows Initiative, more than 140 businesses, individuals, government agencies, and foundations are banding together to fight homelessness in King County. Join us. Take action and learn more about this crisis.

Nice. I knew Pearl Jam involved themselves in local homelessness issues — they gave a donation to Mary’s Place a few years back — but I forgot the name of their project.

The "Home Shows" that Easy Street Records is promoting are at Safeco Field, and unfortunately the venue sold out. I guess not "unfortunately" since some of that money goes to support homeless people.

If you want to contribute to the Home Fund, you can always donate, or make a special day of it by going out for food or beverages at a partner restaurant on Wednesday August 8, Home Shows Restaurant Night. As of the moment I write these words, that is tomorrow.

Anyways, yeah. I liked the tag. Dog had no opinion on the matter.

close up of Pearl Jam logo tag
close up of Pearl Jam logo tag


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