I posted Potholders on Sunday, 26 August, 2018

Yes, they look like that on purpose.

Post crochet


A friend asked me to crochet a potholder based on an image she saw online. I tracked the image down to its source: the "ManHandle Pot Holder" on Margaret Calver’s ayarnnut Etsy store.

The pattern wasn’t too hard to figure out. I made several potholders as I worked through the process.

  • chain a few - I settled on four
  • increase at a pace you like until you reach the desired circumference
  • single chain around until you reach the desired length
  • single chain some texture where it looks about right

This description is deliberately vague because I made each potholder different, both for fun and because the natural world is full of variety.

Figure 1. Potholders collected on display

I shared images of the collection as I worked on it. Some people — okay, some guys — presented surprising ideas for the intended usage. This is not a penis sweater. If nothing else, think of the chafing. And related to their bold claims about needing one that was significantly longer: you don’t want excess material flopping uselessly. That’s a safety hazard.

The potholder fits over the pot handle like so.

Figure 2. Demonstration of usage

But you do you.

Want one? Crochet it yourself! Don’t want to do that? Buy one so the genius who came up with this idea gets some money!


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