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Windows Virtual Desktops

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A short post noting Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for virtual desktops

I started spending more time in Windows recently for a change of pace. One feature in Windows 10 that pleases me is the virtual desktop, a way of keeping your applications in different visual spaces. Virtual desktops have been a fixture of life in my Linux and macOS for many years. It’s great to see them in Windows!

Except I live for keyboard shortcuts, and haven’t memorized the shortcuts for virtual desktops in Windows. That is the entire point of this post, so here they are:

Keys Action
Win - Tab Open Task view, which shows desktops
Win - Control - d Create and switch to a new desktop
Win - Control - Switch to previous desktop
Win - Control - Switch to next desktop
Win - Control - F4 Close current desktop

This Microsoft help page had all the info I need and more.

Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-02-01