I posted Trying Beorg on Sunday, 14 October, 2018

The beorg iOS app has me playing with Org mode again

Trying Beorg
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Trying Beorg

This is not a review. This is me, excitedly sharing screenshots of the shiny thing I am playing with.

Does beorg support your favorite Org mode feature? I have no idea. But I can add, schedule, edit, and save tasks.

You could manage everything on your phone, but synchronization is an important feature for me. Synchronizing org files via Dropbox – or WebDAV if that’s more your thing – works in both directions. I prefer Syncthing but I’ll take what I can get. Who knows? Maybe I’ll figure out WebDAV later.

emacs sync
Figure 1. Emacs showing task added in beorg

TODO view

The TODO view lists tasks, including clear indications of scheduled completion – assuming you understand the notation.

beorg TODO view
Figure 2. TODO view

The Rainer König Org tutorials on YouTube are great stuff. I’m going through them again myself for a refresher, and I highly recommend them if you want to learn Emacs Org mode.

The TODO view supports multiple filters.

beorg filtered TODO
Figure 3. Filtered TODO view


The app icon badge shows the count of overdue tasks.

ios notifications
Figure 4. Overdue count shown on app icon

Alarms pop up for deadlines.

app badge
Figure 5. Task notification

I better wrap it up.


beorg includes other features I don’t feel like looking at today.

The Agenda view integrates with your calendar events, which is both very handy and not something I feel comfortable sharing with the entire world :smile:

The Files view gives you something closer to a raw edit of your Org files, but honestly that’s pretty darned clunky on a phone for me. For the moment I’ll stick with high level task management on the phone, and Emacs org mode if I need anything more involved.


Try out beorg if you’re on iOS. Read the manual for a more in-depth look at features and usage. I’m going to go reschedule that art project. I have other things that are higher priority.


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