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A Samsung Note 9 means my phone drawing has been upgraded.


I feel like I neglected the blog this year. That’s probably because of the half dozen draft posts I still need to finish. Also, I’ve been busy working, drawing, learning, and even — gasp — socializing!

One of the big moments for me? Well, aside from dancing in public, which I hadn’t done in well over a decade? The purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Refurbished, because if I can save a few bucks I will. Drawing on it is a delight, pretty much. Not quite as smooth as iPad + Pencil, but far better than using a capacitive stylus on other phones. Overall, the Note takes me back to the days of having a small sketchbook with me at all times.

The Note is Android, which means I could install Syncthing on it and grab a circle template from my desktop. My first serious sketch with the Note was of course another manual symmetry doodle.

The Note’s specs meant that I could have many layers for relatively large images (this one is 4084x4084 pixels) and still get a smooth drawing experience. I like the end result, too.

I kind of want to take a break from the super detailed symmetry drawings, though. Seems like that’s all I’ve been doing lately! Maybe practice some cartoon style doodles. Pull out the Mark Kistler books if I have to.

Oh, and I should finish those draft posts at some point.

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