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Turning Taskwarrior Posts Into a Series

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I want to more clearly show relations between some of my posts. Tags and categories do handle a lot, but they get a bit clunky with stuff like my Taskwarrior posts, which specifically build on each other.

Hugo supports series as a taxonomy. Let’s find out what that means.

Update site config

Even though Hugo pays attention to series for internal templates, it doesn’t count it towards taxonomies. So let’s add an entry for it in site config.


  # ...
  series = "series"

Now every post can be associated with zero or more series, and Hugo will notice.

Update front matter

Add a series array with one entry for all of the Taskwarrior posts so far (but not this one, since it isn’t part of the series).

- Taskwarrior Babysteps

Create a series summary page

Oh look, there it is, already sitting at /series, thanks to my existing layouts/_default/terms.html.

Listing of all series, currently just Taskwarrior Babysteps

What if I follow taskwarrior-babysteps?

The Taskwarrior Babysteps series listing

Almost perfect. But since each post is supposed to build on the others, I’d prefer the listing present its posts in chronological order. I’ll add a template for series listings.


{{ define "main" }}
  <h1>{{ .Title }}</h1>
  {{- .Content -}}
  {{ partial "term-path" . }}
  <ul class="post-list">
    {{- range .Pages.ByDate -}}
      <li class="post-list-item">
        {{- .Render "li" -}}
    {{- end -}}
{{ end }}

And while I’m at it, how about an introduction to the series?


title: Taskwarrior Babysteps

In which I learn just the bits and pieces of [Taskwarrior][] I need to manage my
task list, rather than trying everything, getting overwhelmed, and dropping the
whole thing.

So far so good!


That works for now. I can tighten it up later.

The Taskwarrior Babysteps series after tuning

Link back to the series summary in every series post

Next I want posts to link back to their series main page. I already have a partial for content metadata so I can add it there.


{{ range .Params.series }}
  <p>Part of the <a class="p-category" href="{{ "series" | absURL }}{{ . | urlize }}/">{{ title . }}</a> series
{{ end }}

Then I thought to myself “Oh I know. I’ll add links to the previous and next posts in the series. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

Famous last words. After floundering for a bit, I ended up grabbing a solution from the Hugo community forums and adjusting it for my tastes.


{{- if .Params.series -}}
  <section class="meta-series">
  {{- $name := index .Params.series 0 -}}
  {{- $key := $name | urlize }}
  {{- with (index .Site.Taxonomies.series $key) -}}
    {{- $total := .Count -}}
    {{- $startIndex := 0 -}}
    {{- $prevIndex := 0 -}}
    {{- $currIndex := 0 -}}
    {{- $nextIndex := 0 -}}
    {{- $endIndex := ( sub $total 1 ) -}}
    {{- range $index, $page := .Pages.Reverse -}}
      {{- if (eq $page $.Page) -}}
        {{- $currIndex = $index -}}
        {{- $prevIndex = (sub $index 1) -}}
        {{- $nextIndex = (add $index 1) -}}
        <p>Part {{ add $index 1 }} of {{ $total }} in the
          <a href="{{ "series" | absURL }}/{{ $key }}">{{ $name }}</a> series.</p>
      {{ end -}}
    {{- end -}}
    {{- if ge $prevIndex $startIndex -}}
      {{- with (index .Pages.Reverse $prevIndex) -}}
        <p>(Preceded by <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .Title }}</a>)</p>
      {{- end -}}
    {{- end -}}
    {{- if le $nextIndex $endIndex -}}
      {{- with (index .Pages.Reverse $nextIndex) -}}
        <p>(Followed by <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .Title }}</a>)</p>
      {{- end -}}
    {{- end -}}
  {{- end -}}
{{- end -}}

This is a mess. But hey it works!

Post header with series information, and a little styling to make it stand out

That’s pretty much it! Now it’ll be easier for visitors to understand when posts build on each other. At some point I will dig through the rest of my posts to add series-related front matter when applicable. Not today, though.

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