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In which I suggest a password generator

Try xkcdpass
XKCD 936 (CC BY-NC 2.5)
Post linux security

Try xkcdpass


Use xkcdpass to generate more secure passwords, like “correcthorsebatterystaple”.


Started as a Note but I passed my 15 minute rule — if I spend more than 15 minutes on it, it should be a post — so here we are.

It won’t satisfy your bank’s silly password requirements, but — as XKCD told us — using a random collection of words for your password provides more security than trying to Leet-speak some word with numbers and symbols.

You could pick a handful of words by flipping through the dictionary, but why not let the computer do it for you? That’s where xkcdpass comes in.

It’s probably available in your package repository.

$ pacman -Ss xkcdpass

It’s just Python, so you can use pip if you’re on macOS or Windows or some other platform that doesn’t have xkcdpass handy.

$ pip install xkcdpass

Regardless of how you install it, run it and grab the output — but let your password manager remember it for you.

$ xkcdpass
tiara embezzle stack doorway scrambled imitate


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