Kistler Tree
Saturday, 18 April, 2020

Useful Overview of Neurodiversity

A lot of the work in neurodiversity now seems to be suggesting that grouping traits together and circling that and calling it a thing isn’t the best way to reason about this. Insurance companies really love it.

Myk Bolokonsky, Things Every Software Engineer Should Know About Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity provides an alternate take on traits that are common to ADHD, autism, OCD, and others. Myk’s talk summarizes them better than I could, and better than resources I could find for linking.

The talk lasts half an hour including questions. Some occasional audio issues thanks to everyone’s new remote life, but the transcript makes following easier.

Some new / clarified bits for me — aside from the above quote:

  • many folks experience these traits, but their intensity for neurodivergent folks is such that we must plan our lives around them
  • useful medical information is not widely available
  • “dead time” oh god that thing where your brain won’t let you do something now because you’re planning to do something later
  • description of “autistic burnout” sounds like something I’m going through right now