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Why Do I Blog?

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searched my image library for “why” and got this old doodle

Kev Quirk asks:

Why do you blog?

[Why I Have A Blog][]

I usually answer Why are you like that questions — which I get asked with some frequency, for good or ill — with “I can’t help it. It’s in my nature.” The constant puttering, interspersed with oversharing that ranges from instructive to awkward? That’s just me. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do that.

But this came across my RSS feed, and it works too.

Austin Kleon, Do what you know how to do:

“It seems stupid I would put out an album,” says Fiona Apple, of her terrific new record, Fetch the Bolt Cutters. “But this is what I know how to do.”

I love that: “This is what I know how to do.”

That’s true too. There are ways to putter and rant besides blogging. I could have a YouTube channel. But this is what I know how to do.

Thank goodness.

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