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Officially Using Statamic For The Site

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Hey look it’s a Web page, but with Statamic!

Got the Webmention pingbacks up. Got the Plausible token in place. Got server configuration and deployment working.

Got — server configuration? Well yeah. The Statamic CMS runs on PHP. I could generate and push a static site with it, but I want to try some Laravel stuff. Been watching Laracasts even.

What’s different?

The visual style, obviously. But I cycle through those routinely. This one’s PaperCSS with a few tweaks.

I added a new section for my art — specifically for the art you can buy somewhere. That’s been on my task list for a long time. Feels nice to get it out of the way. I have a sizable backlog of stuff I wanted to put on my store. That art section will remind me to get through that backlog a bit more quickly.

You can search! Just by title or tag for now, but I’ll add more as I figure out how to fine tune it. And because you can search, I’m not as worried about how pagination is handled. I’m sure I’ll add something later.

And also because you can search, I haven’t gotten to the page aliases yet. Lots of broken inbound links, I expect. If this were some kind of professional site, I would’ve waited until I had those in place. But it’s not. So I don’t.

Anything else?

From your perspective, that’s about it. It’s pretty much the same site.

From my perspective, so much! I get an awesome control panel to manage and edit content. All my pages are still in flat text files, so I can edit them in my favorite text editor with no fuss.

Okay that’s not new for the site. It’s new compared to when I tried this with WordPress though.

What’s different from stock Statamic Solo?

The styling is set up with SASS instead of the starter’s default of Tailwind. Probably shift back once I figure out an approach to content styling that I prefer to Tailwind Prose.

I don’t entirely trust server-side for a blog. Nothing to do with Statamic or PHP mind you. It’s just too easy to miss important details when you’re running a solo project.

With that in mind, I added 2FA for two factor authentication and Gitamic for Git integration. Both are paid add-ons. Much as I love open source software, I love knowing that good developers get a good dinner even more. Sponsorship and patronage only go so far — on my monthly budget, at least.

What’s next?

There’s still some basic deployment stuff to figure out. Metadata for sharing, or what the boring kids call “SEO.” Ugh. I ain’t optimizing nothin’, least of all some search engine’s job.

Anyways. Then comes automating the non-RSS syndication: posting toots and tweets when I hit “Publish.” Until I get that code in it’s manual, so I’ll probably skip those for my notes.

After that? Watch Laracasts. Learn Laravel. Learn Statamic. Have fun.

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