Using markdown-it in Python
Saturday, 16 October, 2021

winget is pretty slick now

Just updated PowerShell via winget, Microsoft’s command line package manager. And Firefox. And Volta. And HeidiSQL. And Alacritty. And Go. And some other stuff.

Trying to recover a post about markdown-it-py that I accidentally deleted, so I won’t sidetrack myself with a detailed follow-up on the last time I really looked at winget.

Instead, here’s the TIL:

winget upgrade
shows what’s out of date
winget upgrade --id=<>
upgrades a package
winget upgrade --all
upgrades everything.

No “Run As Administrator” needed, though you need to click the UAC dialog. Another caveat: it’s coming from the application’s own download servers, not some Azure-backed central repository. Sometimes the fetching may take a minute.