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winget is pretty slick now

Tags: windows package-manager respect-the-command-line

Just updated PowerShell via Winget, Microsoft’s command line package manager. And Firefox. And Volta. And HeidiSQL. And Alacritty. And Go. And some other stuff.

Trying to recover a post about markdown-it-py that I accidentally deleted, so I won’t sidetrack myself with a detailed follow-up on the last time I really looked at winget.

Instead, here’s the TIL:

winget upgrade
shows what’s out of date
winget upgrade --id=<>
upgrades a package
winget upgrade --all
upgrades everything.

No “Run As Administrator” needed, though you need to click the UAC dialog. Another caveat: it’s coming from the application’s own download servers, not some Azure-backed central repository. Sometimes the fetching may take a minute.

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