Building my Eleventy site
Monday, 3 January, 2022
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Thursday, 30 December, 2021

Starting 2022 With Eleventy

It's not done, but it's done enough
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Finally ported enough of my site to Eleventy that I feel like making it live. It’s only been two and a half years since I started thinking about this. Why rush into things, right?

But why?

Well, Eleventy’s got Nunjucks support, for starters. For the Pythonistas out there, Nunjucks is basically Jinja for Node.js.

Beyond that, the Node.js ecosystem is pretty lively, with plenty to keep the dedicated putterer occupied for a bit. Eleventy can hook into enough of that without going overboard on the Jamstack application side of things. A gentle transition.

Can I see?

Sure! I shared pretty much everything — all the logic, at least — on a Github repo.

This isn’t even my final form

Nowhere near what I’d call “done.” There’s still things to touch up with the Eleventy site. Layout, workflow, architecture.

And naturally I’m already casting glances at other SSGs like Lume. I haven’t abandoned the Astro experiment either. I’m just waiting for Astro to be a little quicker at assembling a site like mine.

I just really really wanted to stop complaining about #hugo. It’s great. It really is. It just hasn’t felt like a good fit for my particular flow in the last couple years.