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Didn't I do this last year too?

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So anyways yeah. Site’s built with Hugo again. This iteration is relatively minimal: let Hugo be Hugo with Markdown, render hooks, and shortcodes. A justfile. Some Python for preprocessing and tests. Right, and markdownlint-cli. I’d love to do posts about some or all of the pieces.

Notes and bookmarks got merged into the main post stream. Internal links are clean, but no promises yet about links from the outside world. That’s a pretty big shuffle I just did.

I won’t pretend this is the site’s final form or anything.

Why? Needed something very fast and reasonably flexible for some other site experiments in mind. More on those later hopefully.


Yeah. One of our kitties — Jack — has been having trouble keeping his food down for a few days. We had better luck with soft food today, but he still threw up a little. Let him sleep it off wherever he likes, and check periodically to make sure he’s breathing. He’s eating less than usual, but at least he’s still eating.

Got a vet appointment for Friday, and a 24-hour emergency vet that said to bring him down if he gets traumatically worse.

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