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[2022-06-07 Tue 09:10]

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Oh hey the new issue of the Amplenote Sampler newsletter includes some suggestions for handling projects in my big giant mess of notes — sorry, I meant “finely-tuned knowledge management workflow.”

Today’s issue is packed full of Amplenote Tips on creating and keeping track of Projects and exploiting Daily Jots to their full potential.

Why am I getting this newsletter? Amplenote is a good note / task system. Free tier is useful. First paid tier is inexpensive. I like the mobile app. Works great for quickly capturing thoughts, which I pull into my primary as needed. Turns out the newsletter is also good, both for Amplenote tips and general ideas.

Right! The newsletter! I feel like summarizing, so I’m gonna summarize.

Project Note Organization

Each project gets its own note. Link back to that in supplemental notes rather than cluttering up your tags with #my-project. Big projects could have a main note that holds the task list and links out to supplemental notes, MOC-style.

Use tags for broader classifications. Maybe that main project note gets tagged #project. When it’s done, it gets an #archived tag.

Logging Project Activity

There’s a few options.

What about me

I already give each project its own note, but I tend to give them overly specific tags. Something I’m already thinking about, and that newsletter made me think more. Will probably refactor my tags.

Logging? Right now I log my project activity in the daily journal. But for big projects that makes my project note’s backlinks a bit of a mess. To cut down on the amount of clicking and scanning, I pull tidbits that seem interesting back into the project note. Sort of like a topic note, improving and refining as I get more information.

Something I’m starting to realize: a project note is not a topic note. Once I finish a project, it’s part of the historical record rather than a still-evolving resource.

On first read, logging activity to the project sounds better. I can see all the activity for a project by scrolling. It would get cluttered, but I lean hard on collapsible outline views — Logseq is my primary note system today.

But for note systems that don’t offer infinitely nested lists maybe not? Even for the ones that do, it could clarify backlinks. My dev projects could have #project/planning and #project/dev notes to show the nature of the day’s work. Those notes could also act as clarifying intermediate links between the project I worked on and the day I did the work.

Something to think about anyways.

Um. I just meant to share the link. Anyways back to work.

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