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[2022-06-08 Wed 10:03]

Tags: logseq

Started playing with local custom.css to tweak the Panic theme for Logseq.

Some of those jots go back to Logseq 0.1.x, so don’t trust them.

I changed the default text font to OpenDyslexic and code to the Nerd Fonts version of Fantasque Sans Mono. No I’m not dyslexic — at least I’m pretty sure I’m not — but I find these friendlier and easier to read than the more severe fonts in common use. I usually install them locally on whatever device I use for ready access.

:root {
  --ls-font-family: "OpenDyslexic";
  --ls-page-text-size: 18px;

.extensions__code .CodeMirror {
  font-family: "FantasqueSansMono NF", monospace;

.content :not(pre) > code {
    font-family: "FantasqueSansMono NF", monospace;

Now I want to go all in and make a proper theme.

Added to vault 2024-01-15. Updated on 2024-01-26