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[2022-06-12 Sun 19:05]

Tags: workflow logseq taskwarrior

I’m gonna fill this space with the contents of a tweet thread describing my adventures importing Taskwarrior tasks into Logseq.

Course, it started as a toot thread. But I don’t have a shortcode handy for embedding those. You get a link:

For Tooters

Right, I started with Obsidian. Then I thought about how Logseq has task management features built-in. Decided to shift focus there.

Took me a bit to figure out how I wanted to link everything up. Ended up with a more cohesive graph — to my eyes, at least.

The secondary purpose was to get more comfortable using TypeScript and Node.js. I didn’t revert to Python, Perl, or Ruby for any of this. Mission accomplished!

You want to see the code? Ah. Well. Maybe later. This was flailing and puttering code, not showing off code.

task add project:Site +blog \
  write better on taskwarrior logseq import

There. Now it can haunt me for the next couple years.

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