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Emulate tldr instead of man in your notes

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A bullet point is a note given the right tag

tldr: Emulate tldr instead of man in your notes.

I still use my PKMs wrong. Keep your notes small. Stick with one tool. Stay focused. Yep, none of that.

But I have learned that emulating man page style isn’t great. I have big notes on commands with every option, every subcommand, and every subcommand’s option.

Then I’d end up searching online how to do a thing. Because I wasn’t using a searchable style.

Few months ago I had a moment of enlightenment. Most of what I want in my knowledge garden is to track processes — how to do a specific thing. Why not make the notes reflect that?

Use clear language directly relevant to the task at hand. Tag them appropriately with a key tag like “process”. You do end up with a lot of notes — or a lot of bullet points, if you use an outliner like Logseq.

- Use Rclone to pull *from* a Dropbox folder #process
 - ```sh
   rclone sync dropbox:Settings ~/Dropbox/Settings
- Use Rclone to push *to* a Dropbox folder #process
 - ```sh
   rclone sync ~/Dropbox/Settings dropbox:Settings

But they will be easier to find a few months later when all you can remember is “something something Rclone something Dropbox”.

Logseq search results with example bullets at top of the list
There it is!

I had these particular processes in the main page for Rclone, but most are scattered throughout my journal pages. It makes no difference, since I use the tag consistently.

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