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Save those links

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Saw this post today:

My greatest advice to those concerned: Start archiving. If you come across something you believe is valuable: make a copy.

If you follow a guide on how to install and configure software and you found it helpful: make a copy.

If you come across a video you really enjoy and find yourself coming back to again and again: make a copy.

If it means anything to you: make a copy, or you’ll wish you did.

— @n4@freeradical.zon, Free Radical

That prompted me to quote-share with my own suggestions:

Plain old link rot prompted my PKM habits. Twitter, Reddit, etc. are now putting Hanlon’s razor to the test, so it’s a good time to try it yourself.

Capacities provides excellent link archiving capabilities, but you gotta trust the online-only aspect.

Browser extensions such as MarkDownload can grab page content to paste into Markdown-friendly note tools like ObsidianMD and Logseq. If you prefer CLI, nb archives every link you bookmark with it.

Course, in all cases process those notes to the useful bits. Otherwise you’re just data hoarding. Understandable in this Digital Depression, but not helpful.


And then it occurred to me. Between budget and attention span constraints, my Akkoma instance — the one I posted that from — could die at any minute. Maybe I should follow my advice and put that note somewhere more persistent. First my notes, and then this blog.

So there’s my productivity quota for the day more or less complete.


Sure enough I had to take down my Akkoma instance recently for budget prioritization.

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