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2024-01-07 Snapshot

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Output of a ComfyUI Stable Diffusion experiment

Shared notes. Not too much. Mostly links.

I want to call them “weekly notes.” I lack confidence in my time awareness, so let’s go with “snapshot.” But hey. I fill up my notes every day. Why not share some of the interesting items here from time to time?


All Things Considered - The Mark Kistler Interview - YouTube
Been a fan of Mark Kistler since before I was a fan of computers. I’ve shared one Kistler-inspired work — Kistler Tree — and have multiple sketchbooks full of similar. Of course I listened to this interview.
Be the browser’s mentor, not its micromanager. - Build Excellent Websites
Exposed to Build Excellent Websites thanks to the Eleventy Excellent starter. Good guidelines and good tools for Web design.
Free Pascal - Advanced open source Pascal compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal
Niklaus Wirth died this week. The Pascal programming language was only one of his contributions, but it’s the one I kind of know.
Beginner’s Guide to ComfyUI - Stable Diffusion Art
A workflow-based GUI for Stable Diffusion as I learn the different technologies under the buzzword blanket of *Artificial Intelligence*.
ebullient/markdown-it-obsidian-callouts: Markdown extensions for obsidian
Obsidian has some fairly specific syntax for callouts. This extension could help with that for publishing a second brain with Eleventy. Now I just need to switch to Eleventy. And stick with Obsidian. Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief Custom Ink Fundraising
Cool T-shirts for good causes, by the good folks at, my preferred Fediverse instance.
2023 Word of the Year is “enshittification” – American Dialect Society
Because honestly what other word could describe 2023 so well? Cory Doctorow came up with it, and used it to great effect when describing TikTok and others.

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