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2024-01-28 Snapshot

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Yep, got a nice publishing workflow going with Obsidian now. Basically stable. Getting solid.

So naturally I’m thinking a lot about how one iteration of My Public Brain used Logseq and some other notes I’ve got somewhere on processing SiYuan Note files.


Will Ferrell Embraces the Trans Community in Sundance Documentary
“…It’s a chance all of us in the cis community to be able to ask questions and also just to listen and be there as a friend to discuss this journey”; everything about this story makes me happy
“Start Often Finish rArely”; “Start Often Fuck Achievements”; a hacker / art collective and a solid life principle; via Adrianna Tan on
Hamilton Gallery celebrates 16th-century Italian female artists Gentileschi, Anguissola and Fontana - ABC News
I knew about Artemisia Gentileschi, but Lavinia Fontana and Sofonisba Anguissola were new to me. So much amazing art out there I still don’t know!
Coding on Copilot: 2023 Data Suggests Downward Pressure on Code Quality (incl 2024 projections) - GitClear
there are only a couple of years to look at trends, but they’re not encouraging; lots more duplicate copy/pasted code solutions; hopefully coding assistants get better at things like refactoring soon

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