Watched an old Tom Waits interview

It’s a work of art in its own right. Promoting 1999’s “Glitter and Doom” tour.

Aside from that, it was pointed out in the comments that Tom Waits inspired Heath Leger’s take on The Joker. Never thought of it before, and now I can’t not hear it.

2020-08-09 — note#watch

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Sepia Hallucination

Created using a decomposing 35mm print of the crime drama The Bells (1926), the experimental short Light Is Calling (2004) depicts a dreamy encounter between a soldier and a mysterious woman.

Appopriate for late at night on a Saturday.

Useful Overview of Neurodiversity

A lot of the work in neurodiversity now seems to be suggesting that grouping traits together and circling that and calling it a thing isn’t the best way to reason about this. Insurance companies really love it.

Neurodiversity provides an alternate take on traits that are common to ADHD, autism, OCD, and others. Myk’s talk summarizes them better than I could, and better than resources I could find for linking.

The talk lasts half an hour including questions. Some occasional audio issues thanks to everyone’s new remote life, but the transcript makes following easier.

Some new / clarified bits for me — aside from the above quote:

  • many folks experience these traits, but their intensity for neurodivergent folks is such that we must plan our lives around them
  • useful medical information is not widely available
  • “dead time” oh god that thing where your brain won’t let you do something now because you’re planning to do something later
  • description of “autistic burnout” sounds like something I’m going through right now

Always got time for Miyazaki

kaptainkristian demonstrates how sound, animation pacing, background animation, all affect the immersion of a Studio Ghibli film.

Art Nouveau, Psychedelia, and a Kalevala tangent

No object was too mundane to be beautiful.

Probably my favorite comment about Art Nouveau.

Whoa. The Wikipedia entry mentions that it was called “Kalevala style” in Finland. Which – looking elsewhere – might be a little off. I mostly see references to National Romanticism, which is a bit of a mixed bag historically speaking. For Finland it was an urge to assert itself as a nation and not just some dirt swapped back and forth between Russia and Sweden. Writing down the Kalevala was a part of that same movement.

And yeah JRR Tolkien loved the Kalevala, tying in another piece to hippy culture. I think every bookshelf I saw as a kid had a copy of The Lord of the Rings.

Watched Netflix Explained; remembered Bowie

We watched the “Code” episode of Netflix’s explained.There’s only so much that can be covered in 24 minutes, but I enjoyed the high level overview of concepts, history, and issues they presented within their constraints.

One of many iconic snippets – I may do an explainer post if I don’t find somebody else’s first – was from this 1999 interview of David Bowie. Paleofuture posted a handy transcript of the highlights.

“The internet carries the flag for the subversive and possibly rebellious and chaotic and nihilistic…”

I would have been skeptical in 1999 about “nihilistic.” But after seeing things people do for the lulz? Yeah, nihilistic.

“But it’s simply a different delivery system there,” Paxman says, holding his ground. “You’re arguing about something more profound.”

“Yeah, I’m talking about the actual context and the state of content is going to be so different from anything we can envisage at the moment,” Bowie says. “With the interplay between the user and the provider will be so in sympatico it’s going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about.”

That summarizes the last twenty years, from Netflix to Facebook to 4chan to FOSS to 30-50 Feral Hogs and beyond.

Do not shop on first coffee

Do not shop on first coffee

Got sidetracked while picking up breakfast stuff from Uwajimaya. Should probably have finished my first cup of coffee before I left. Could have been worse. There was an entire boy band worth of that Babinski Cold Brew. I only took one.

Meanwhile, someone put a flyer on the apartment bulletin board for the Earshot Jazz Festival. Checked to see if any of the names were familiar. Most were new to me, but I recognized — and enjoy — Knife Knights.

A jazz context makes more sense for Knife Knights than rap/hip-hop, which is where I usually see them filed. Heck, genres are meaningless anyways. My favorite music stores just arrange albums alphabetically.

Anyways, time to drink some coffee!

[+1 Interesting]

As a fan of Slashdot and Everything2 – and actual user of PerlMonks – in years past, I’m sure the next half hour will be chock full of nostalgia for me.

Might see Little Monsters

I’m done with zombie movies.

watches trailer

ok I’m not quite done.

Reminds me of Shaun of the Dead. Not in any specific notes, just the slapstick gore and “what sort of hero could a (slacker, kindergarden teacher) be?” angle.