June 2019 Notes

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Checking in on my idea bucket

$ task '(+learn or +idea)' count

I know I won’t get to 90% of these, but I’m glad to have Taskwarrior for jotting them down.

Curious about the latest? I want to try out the entropic package manager for (mostly) JavaScript.

$ task '(+learn or +idea)' +LATEST ls

ID  Tags             Description
177 javascript learn set up entropic for Node
Chicken for lunch

Chicken for lunch

Okay mostly I’m testing a new cover image caption thing for posts and notes, but honestly lunch really was good.

Internet Connected!

Internet Connected!

We have Internet at the new apartment. That means we’re officially moved in.

Furniture will come along in the next few days.

But who cares, right? We have Internet.

Added a Hugo note archetype

Moved into a new apartment. Waiting for Internet on Tuesday. It’s Sunday.

Continuing to work slow but sure on my notes experiment. Today: a Hugo archetype that includes a full ISO 8601 timestamp, via dateFormat.

date: "{{ dateFormat "2006-01-02T15:04:05-07:00" .Date }}"


And yeah, hashtags are related to but distinct from tags. Basically, I have a particular protocol for tags and posts. I can be more informal with notes and hashtags. The silly name reminds me they’re supposed to be fun.

Working out the occasional overlap is a pending item in Taskwarrior.



Grumbled on Twitter about the MBP TouchBar as a Vim user. genehack mentioned I could map Caps Lock to Control (my usual) and Escape, given the right tools. Ten minutes later I had Karabiner Elements installed, a keyboard rule imported, and Vim happiness once again.

Definitely going to mess more with Karabiner.

A quick note

So hey. Just a quick note to say I’m adding quick notes to the site. Get my microblogging off Twitter, basically. Though it will likely have more in common with a Tumblog.