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Added an Emacs config based off of nano-emacs

A lot of fiddling with Emacs today. Thought I’d try something not so much “vanilla” as on fewer predetermined rails than the average Doom Emacs config.

This new config starts from nano-emacs, a rather streamlined setup. Of course I enjoyed cluttering it up.

Thinking about Hugo again but maybe with Site.js

Goodness I may dislike that templating language, but it’s hard to match anything against Hugo’s 700ms average build time on a cleaned-up version of my site.

But I’m having fun with the JavaScript too. Maybe I’ll mash them both together by using Site.js, which supports Hugo under the hood for fancier static sites.

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Time to start reading Domesticate Your Badgers

Took part in the crowdsource thing for Domesticate Your Badgers: Become a Better Writer Through Deliberate Practice by Michael Warren Lucas. Now I got my PDF and it’s time to start studying.

Slowly pulling in tools for site flow

Made a toot with Masto. Kinda need that for content syndication.

Here's my toot
Here's my toot

The Mastodon Twitter Crossposter works great, but waiting for the announcement toot to show up as a tweet was a tedious manual step that I hope to discard. So I figured out how to make a tweet with twitter-api-v2.

Those are the pieces I need to get POSSE syndication working in this Eleventy iteration of the site.

Now I just need to staple those pieces together, grab a sharpie, and label it “workflow.”

Eleventy 1.0 beta handles custom templates

I got Eleventy handing Sass processing more or less per the instructions.

Course, now I’m thinking how I could use that for Asciidoctor templates / content.

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meanwhile, weather

Would you look at that? We got some actual weather.

What else?

Been keeping myself busy with the JavaScript static site generators. Last week’s Astro experiment got slow so I’ve been messing with Eleventy. There’s a repo mirrored to Github if you want to see the carnage.

Probably my last note of the year, so: Happy New Year!

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I got Astro working!

Astro’s great once you get started. A bit funky if you have twenty years of legacy content.

Rather than do my usual — a screenshot and maybe a “lesson learned” post — this time around I made a public repo and live instance of this in-progress experiment available for your entertainment and edification.

Oh and lesson learned: components are fussy, and the errors don’t always happen where you expect. Treat all your imported HTML as XHTML, and look for stray { characters. You might need to convert those to {.

Took me months to figure that out. Hopefully it saves you a few hours of confusion.

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Logseq sure does work hard at being friendly

Talking about Logseq, a knowledge management tool roughly equivalent to Obsidian or Org-roam.

There’s just so many little affordances. Not even talking about the built-in query language or graph view. Those are full-on features, which other tools match or sometimes exceed. I’m talking about little things like t t to toggle between the light and dark mode of your current theme. It’s just nice to use even before you get to tweaks and plugins.

Logseq documentation has the full list under Keyboard Shortcuts but here are a few that I’ve built up muscle memory for:

Keys Action
t t light / dark theme
t r right sidebar
t l left sidebar
t d list / document mode
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My Org Config! It's back!

Side effect of a little computer housekeeping is a nearly fresh config. Rather than just drop in my dotfiles directly, decided to revisit my old org-config pages.

Still need to get my Neovim init.lua on there.

Update 2021-11-10

I added my neovim config.

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Drawing and site shuffling are coping techniques

That says it all, really. Been a stressful oh I don’t know let’s say year and a half or so.

Tweaked and reloaded the Picnic CSS-based theme I had a while back. I missed it. Buried my bookmarking links — they’re still there for now, but I have another idea how I want to handle the “info dump” section of the site. I’ll also revisit the org-config section, since it still gets traffic even though I buried it months ago.

And then there’s the drawing. More hours, days, and weeks of manual symmetry in Linea Sketch. Got a store refresh planned for the art! That was what sparked the site shuffling. Wanted a clean slate for my money-grubbing.