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Notes added in 2021

Tapered off a bit, if only because work was so dang busy.
meanwhile, weather
I got Astro working!
Logseq sure does work hard at being friendly
My Org Config! It's back!
Drawing and site shuffling are coping techniques
Try Riv if you like Vim and reStructuredText
winget is pretty slick now
I wrote this note in Hugo with markdown-it-py
Today is September 21st — you know the rules
Look at me with one Asciidoctor page in an Astro site
finally have all my content in one format
pared down to the base blog
A finished Awesomewm post from someone else is better than a draft from me
oh no there is a shiny new SSG
Our cats give me more reason to use the terminal
I installed Gitea because it is shiny not because it is needed
Not sure why I keep fussing with every single SSG. It's fun, I guess?
oh no i added a javascript search thing
The Memex Method Works For Me
So here's my first Statamic tip: don't forget xml_handler in your RSS template
I'll deploy eventually.
I'm trying a "notes" collection
If RMS is your hero then you need better heroes
Maybe I don't know much about Markdown, he says
yay fresh webmentions again
Just noticed Okular PDF is on Windows
Tweaking my tools
testing a thing
I got mentions back up