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Notes added in 2020

Pretty much fully under way with the quick notes.
Something new to color
Great workflow you got there
Tags and config and RSS oh my
New theme for 2021
We have bookmarks!
Found the micro editor
I added this note from org mode
Checking out Playwright for Python
Local WP is nice, but no.
I have a society6 shop
SSG is for putterers
Accidental Renaissance: The rolling contest
Work Break with Eleventy
Squiggly Spaceship Thing
Watched an old Tom Waits interview
Slow City Doodle
Fred Brooks was right
OrgMode-ish VimWiki
so chemacs is kinda cool
Deidre's Juneuary Hat
Working on Breadcrumbs
Wanted a uses page, made a config section
Not saying this is a good idea
Here have a drawing
uploaded to cpan oops hang on how about now
Enjoyed this Derek Sivers interview
Sepia Hallucination
I Added 10 Seconds to Build Time!
Shaved 3 Seconds Off Site Build Time!
Clearing the tracks as we go is part of the fun
Hard Moving on From Perl When It Keeps Being More Good Enough Than the Other Good Enough Solutions
My Therapist Would Love This if I Had One
Debugging My Site With a Little Help From My Friends
Made an Emacs Binding for Config Quick Edit
Datasette Sure Is Nifty
Pondering My Indieweb Guinea Pig
Skinny Lines and Flat Colors
Sorry if I Broke Your Rss Feed
How many recent authors on CPAN?
I Helped genehack!
Patronize Me on Liberapay
The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old
Why Do I Blog?
How Mom stays creative
Kistler Tree
Useful Overview of Neurodiversity
Sepia Sunburst
Sign of the Times
Yay I Added Mentions and Replies
Every Post Has a UUID
VS Code pylint needs pylintrc
Passing Tests Is Now Required to Push
Today in Personal Accomplishments
All I Did Was Click Bulk Download
Emacs refresh-package-contents
That Is Just Embarrassing
I have one like somewhere
Yay Fluid Images
Somebody Discovered Fork Awesome
inv note
Added dark mode for the site
Random Geekery a la Gatsby.js
Random Geekery a la Nikola
that thing
Go back to bed
Eleventy 0.10.0 is out and I am distracted again
Noncommercial-only licenses are hard