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I have a society6 shop

I have a society6 shop

Okay I’ve had one for a while. But I put something on it.

Buy a mug. A phone case. A backpack. A credenza?! YES!

Collect them all!

Incidentally, there appears to be a sale going on now. Discounts on everything.

Even the credenza.

SSG is for putterers

Kev Quirk on static site generators:

SSGs are really cool and super fun to play with – I’m really enjoying it on my side project; but I wish a lot of devs would stop touting about how amazingly simple they are, as it’s just not the case.

I often see “such and such static site generator is simple!” tweets, and wonder what exactly they’re comparing it to. DIY dentistry perhaps?

As much as I love puttering with static site generators, “puttering” is the main charm of an SSG. The hooks to customize are right there on the surface. Heck some SSGs are nothing but hooks. And having everything in a git repository is just a developer-focused version of a smart backup plan.

For the Jamstack side of things, I’m not sure I see the advantage of relying on a load of external services over oh say for example having a database and an internal comment system. You know, like Wordpress. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot in relation to my own site leaning so much on webmention.io.

Accidental Renaissance: The rolling contest

Accidental Renaissance: The rolling contest

Somebody posted their pic to Imgur. I saw it on Reddit. I spent more time scrutinizing this image than I’ll admit. It’s just so perfect. It couldn’t possibly be accidental. Could it?

This is art.

Work Break with Eleventy

Work Break with Eleventy

Forced myself to take a couple hours out of a ridiculous work schedule to putter on the site. Trying out something with Eleventy and the eleventy-base-blog starter.

Squiggly Spaceship Thing

Squiggly Spaceship Thing

I drew this a few months ago — but my site flow’s had a bug which I haven’t had time to fix until the holiday weekend. So it’s a good candidate for testing.