April 2020 Notes

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Sorry if I Broke Your Rss Feed

Sorry if I Broke Your Rss Feed

But hey I got my permalinks where I wanted them, without needing a UUID after all. Took a bit of juggling to get the Hugo aliases and my support data synced up. You folks got the Jamstack — JavaScript, APIs, Markup — for your static sites. I got — uh, guess I got the “Damstack” — Database, APIs, Markup — for my static site.

Blame fREW. For the idea. Not the terrible name. That’s all me, friends.

How many recent authors on CPAN?

Sorry, I couldn’t fit this in a tweet.

Yanick’s concerned about CPAN.

So I grabbed the authors of the last 5,000 releases and counted authors, using Mojolicious and the MetaCPAN API.

$ export MCP_LATEST='https://fastapi.metacpan.org/v1/release/_search?q=status:latest&fields=author&sort=date:desc&size=5000'
$ http $MCP_LATEST > _search.json
$ perl -Mojo -E 'say c(j(f("_search.json")->slurp)->{hits}{hits}->@*)->map( sub { $_->{fields}->{author} } )->uniq->size . " authors made the last 5000 releases"'
974 authors made the last 5000 releases

Downloaded the file with httPie because I felt bad hammering MetaCPAN with -Mojo g() while sorting out the rest of the :v:one-liner:v:.

I have no idea if these results are good or bad, but I half-expected less than 100 authors.

Getting useful information like spread of release dates is left as an exercise for the reader.

I Helped genehack!

I Helped genehack!

Patronize Me on Liberapay

Patronize Me on Liberapay

Been skimming through ethical.net resources recently. Liberapay looks interesting: a patronage system like Patreon, but without reward tiers. More of a “keep doing — whatever the hell it is that you’re doing — it’s great” approach. So I joined of course. Give me money and I’ll keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing. Such a deal!

The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old

The Seattle Freeze Is a Hundred Years Old

Crosscut editor-at-large Knute Berger shared evidence that the infamous Seattle Freeze — our reputation for keeping everyone at arm’s length — has been with us for a while.

…while researching the pandemic of 1918-1920, Ben Helle, the ever-sharp-eyed archivist at the Washington State Archives, came across a Seattle Times clipping that suggested conversation about Seattle’s frigid nature as far back as the spring of 1920.

It can be frustrating, but the Freeze has its good points. Less pressure for small talk and social obligations. Plus when we’ve decided we like you, you can’t get rid of us.

Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

Kev Quirk asks:

Why do you blog?

I usually answer Why are you like that questions — which I get asked with some frequency, for good or ill — with “I can’t help it. It’s in my nature.” The constant puttering, interspersed with oversharing that ranges from instructive to awkward? That’s just me. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do that.

But this came across my RSS feed, and it works too.

“It seems stupid I would put out an album,” says Fiona Apple, of her terrific new record, Fetch the Bolt Cutters. “But this is what I know how to do.”

I love that: “This is what I know how to do.”

That’s true too. There are ways to putter and rant besides blogging. I could have a YouTube channel. But this is what I know how to do.

Thank goodness.

How Mom stays creative

How Mom stays creative

NOTO — the North Topeka Arts & Entertainment District — asked several artists a question.

What are you doing to stay creative during the COVID-19 outbreak?

My mom — subliminal message: BUY HER ART — gave the best answer:

Designing my post apocalyptic wardrobe, plotting world domination and baking cookies.
Kistler Tree

Kistler Tree

Found this in my image folder the other day. It’s from working through Mark Kistler’s book You can Draw in 30 Days last year. I like it. Sure I kinda already know I can draw. But it’s good to refresh yourself every so often.

Oh, and I used Max Ulichney’s MaxPack brush sets for Procreate. The Gouache pack for sure, and probably others.

Useful Overview of Neurodiversity

A lot of the work in neurodiversity now seems to be suggesting that grouping traits together and circling that and calling it a thing isn’t the best way to reason about this. Insurance companies really love it.

Neurodiversity provides an alternate take on traits that are common to ADHD, autism, OCD, and others. Myk’s talk summarizes them better than I could, and better than resources I could find for linking.

The talk lasts half an hour including questions. Some occasional audio issues thanks to everyone’s new remote life, but the transcript makes following easier.

Some new / clarified bits for me — aside from the above quote:

  • many folks experience these traits, but their intensity for neurodivergent folks is such that we must plan our lives around them
  • useful medical information is not widely available
  • “dead time” oh god that thing where your brain won’t let you do something now because you’re planning to do something later
  • description of “autistic burnout” sounds like something I’m going through right now
Sepia Sunburst

Sepia Sunburst

Lots of folks stuck at home.

Feel like coloring something? I decided to share the linework for this drawing.

Print it. Import it into your favorite coloring / sketch app. Whatever. Have fun!

And you don’t have to show me what you do with it, but I’d love it if you did!

Sign of the Times

Sign of the Times

Seen while walking the dogs.

LIKE A GOOD :heart: NEIGHBOR PLEASE STAY HOME :heart: if you can :smiley: as much as you can :heart:

There’s another drawing in there. :balloon: maybe? Octopus?

Yay I Added Mentions and Replies

Yay I Added Mentions and Replies

Not real time, of course. It updates when I build the site. The layout needs touching up. But all the details are there.

I used Max Böck’s Webmentions post as a starting point.

And yes, I’m far enough along with the Indieweb stuff that my study notes would make a decent blog post. Maybe a couple.