January 2020 Notes

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Random Geekery a la Gatsby.js

Random Geekery a la Gatsby.js

Finished the Gatsby.js tutorial. Thought I’d dump the live site’s content into the tutorial site. Fiddled a little bit with gatsby-image. (It ignored the RST files, but that’s okay.) I never did change the title.

Random Geekery a la Nikola

Random Geekery a la Nikola

Told you I was checking out Nikola. Importing the live site has been fun. I may have outgrown the default theme though, nice though it is.

No, I haven’t replaced Hugo yet. Just exploring.

that thing

That thing where you’re doing a thing but need to look up something and get an idea and start a thing but need a thing and you notice a thing and get an idea and start a thing and you notice a thing…

Is that an ADHD thing? That sounds like an ADHD thing.

Go back to bed

Go back to bed

Eleventy 0.10.0 is out and I am distracted again

Making note of this tweet for later:

I love that there are so many great static site generators out. I hate that I don’t have enough time to try all of them.

But Eleventy has the possum logo. Hard to argue with that. Maybe I’ll revisit with the base blog template, or one of the other starter kits. The deep dive idea was a little ambitious, anyways.

Noncommercial-only licenses are hard

Christopher Lemmer Webber makes a fair point:

Let me be clear: I’m not arguing with the desire to pay developers in his system, I’m arguing that this is a non-solution. To recap, here re the problems with noncommercial:

  • What commercial/noncommercial are is hard to define
  • NC doesn’t compose; a tower of noncommercial-licensed tools is a truly brittle one to audit and resolve
  • The appeal of NC is in non-compliance

For both content and software, it’s just such a mess.