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Here have a drawing

Here have a drawing

Testing some code changes to my site publishing workflow. But let’s make it at least a little interesting with a manual symmetry drawing I finished a little bit ago.

uploaded to cpan oops hang on how about now

If anything about MojoX::Date::Local seems a bit off, that’s because it’s my first CPAN package. It’s just Mojo::Date with a tiny bit of date formatting and time zone stuff I needed in a couple projects. Not time zone math.


God no.

Just showing local time.

Enjoyed this Derek Sivers interview

I’m not a money podcast person, but this episode was worth an hour of my time. I found myself nodding along with this interview with Derek Sivers – who I already love for /now pages and the NowNowNow project. His emphasis on making enough vs making all the billions meshes well with my preference for using the tech you need vs emulating Google-scale solutions for every project.

I also enjoyed the shout-out to Amy Hoy.

No transcript, so I’ll just quote the summary:

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between living a highly focused life vs making time to ponder and think.
  • Interesting thoughts on money, wealth, and defining what’s enough.
  • Great book recommendations on the topic of money.

Sepia Hallucination

Created using a decomposing 35mm print of the crime drama The Bells (1926), the experimental short Light Is Calling (2004) depicts a dreamy encounter between a soldier and a mysterious woman.

Appopriate for late at night on a Saturday.

I Added 10 Seconds to Build Time!

I Added 10 Seconds to Build Time!

I finally have year/month archives on my site. Bookmarked a post on the topic by Adam Jarret a while back. Finally did it. In Perl, though. Not Node.js.

The build time problem comes from following his template logic - based on a Jekyll plugin. Got some ideas, but they’ll wait. Now it’s bedtime.

Shaved 3 Seconds Off Site Build Time!

And I spent two days doing it. So let’s see. If I somehow post every day, that work should pay off somewhere around — counts on fingers — 2026?

Okay I did other stuff besides microoptimization, but still. I am amused.

Clearing the tracks as we go is part of the fun

Clearing the tracks as we go is part of the fun

An ongoing conversation…

If I waited until I had the perfect toolchain for it, then I’d never start. Better to just start typing now, and see where my impatience carries me.

I agree. Sorry for the delay in replying. I needed to create and/or fake the missing pieces of my workflow so I could reply.

And your reply came through just fine! Course, now I need to go fix the bit where it’s not showing up on the note you’re replying to.

Hard Moving on From Perl When It Keeps Being More Good Enough Than the Other Good Enough Solutions

My Therapist Would Love This if I Had One

My Therapist Would Love This if I Had One

Screaming frog? Angry Pac-Man? No idea.

At least it’s a break from symmetry doodles.

Debugging My Site With a Little Help From My Friends

Debugging My Site With a Little Help From My Friends

It’s probably redundant to test HTML structure for my pages, but what the heck.
Me, a couple months ago
There’s no rule, but obviously every webmention to my site will have full author info including photo.
Me, a few weeks ago
Look honey I added Webmentions to my Datasette dashboard!
Me, this morning
Sweet, jmac liked my mention! Wait why are tests failing? Maybe check the dashboard?
Me, an hour ago
I fixed it!
Me, a few minutes ago

The fix is reasonable defaults for response author info. I got other fixes in mind, including a default “card” for anonymous response authors. Also, inferring author info from source site. Thanks for the help and the ideas, jmac!

Made an Emacs Binding for Config Quick Edit

I hit F5, Emacs opens my for editing. It might not be much but it feels good to scratch such a specific itch. Feeling pretty good about myself.

(global-set-key (kbd "<f5>")
                (lambda ()
                  (find-file "~/.dotfiles/")))
Datasette Sure Is Nifty

Datasette Sure Is Nifty

So uh yeah. See I was stumbling my way through using sqlite-utils to collect site content metadata. Finally figured that out but then made the mistake of looking at that data through Datasette.

Okay not really a mistake. Helped me find a few dozen front matter typos. Simon Willison makes cool stuff.

Pondering My Indieweb Guinea Pig

Pondering My Indieweb Guinea Pig

Jason McIntosh seems like a reasonable choice to test Webmentions on. I wouldn’t know about the IndieWeb if not for him. I know I’ll try his Web::Mention library eventually. But first, webmention-tools.

The other stuff didn’t work and didn’t give useful errors. I ended up using Web::Mention. It’s fine. Just half to rewrite half the post. That’s fine.

Skinny Lines and Flat Colors

Skinny Lines and Flat Colors

I was going to make this a coloring thing but I accidentally did my own colors on the wrong layer. Too bad Infinite Painter doesn’t have infinite undo.