October 2020 Notes

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I added this note from org mode

Trying an experiment with setting up a capture template so ox-hugo can add short notes to the site.

I built up the ox-hugo capture sample to get my preferred SECTION/YEAR/MONTH/STUB folder layout.

(defun org-hugo-note-capture-template ()
  "Returns `org-capture' template string for new site note."
  (let* ((title (read-from-minibuffer "Title: "))
         (fname (org-hugo-slug title))
         (year (format-time-string "%Y"))
         (month (format-time-string "%m")))
    (mapconcat #'identity
                 ,(concat "* TODO " title)
                 ,(concat ":export_hugo_bundle: "
                          (mapconcat #'identity (list year month fname) "/"))
                 ":export_file_name: index"

Then the important bits of my capture template…

(use-package org
   (quote ("s" "Site")
          ("sn" "Note" entry
           (file+olp+datetree bmw/org-site "Notes")
           (function org-hugo-note-capture-template)))))

Eventually I got it right, and C-c c s n brought me to this buffer, where I’m editing a note that’s already longer than I usually intend these to be.

* Notes
:export_hugo_section: note
** 2020
*** 2020-10 October
**** 2020-10-24 Saturday
***** TODO I added this note from org mode                        :emacs:
:export_hugo_bundle: 2020/10/i-added-this-note-from-org-mode
:export_file_name: index

Trying an experiment: setting up a [[https://orgmode.org/manual/Capture-templates.html][capture template]] so [[https://ox-hugo.scripter.co/][ox-hugo]] can add short notes to the site.

Still loads to figure out — for example, how will I get cover images working? But at least I proved to myself that it works.

Back to fixing the broken IndieWeb mentions, which is why I opened my editor a couple of hours ago.

Checking out Playwright for Python

While automation is important, end-to-end tests are prone to being slow and flaky. To fix this, we released Playwright in JavaScript earlier this year and have enabled thousands of developers and testers to be successful at end-to-end testing. Today, we’re bringing the same capabilities to Python.

Almost made it to bed at a reasonable time until a random search showed me this. I’d been glancing enviously at Playwright earlier this year. Configurable, cross-browser testing? Nice. Nicer than Selenium, anyways.

BRB rewriting all my browser tests.