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New Toys, Old Angst

COOLNAMEHERE has been pretty erratic for the last couple of days, hasn’t it? I upgraded my computer over the weekend - new CPU, motherboard, bigger hard drive. There’s practically a new system in this old tower! Little problem: I forgot to get a new power supply. Naturally the old one went pop within a day or two. But all is well. I have my new power supply, and the computer seems quite happy.

The old angst comes from the fact that I also upgraded Redhat from 7.2 to 7.3, and have been having the “but it worked fine in the last version!” woes that seem to be part of the daily grind with RH. It works now, though, so I should stop messing with it. Sort of works - my Wacom Graphire2 is wonky at best. Some clever sod thought it would be fun to reverse the direction that the scroll button works, and it still hasn’t occurred to any of the distribution maintainers that somebody might have a Wacom pad and want to use it for … oh, I don’t know … drawing?

Time for a sideways upgrade on the OS. Something where they trust me enough to let me muck about with things. Debian, or FreeBSD? Whichever one will let me play my old CivCTP and Heretic 2 games, I suppose. And the Wacom. Don’t forget about the Wacom.

Added to vault 2024-06-15. Updated on 2024-06-15