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Wednesday, 2 May, 2007


This is a dumping ground for anything I’ve figured out to make command line existence on a Mac nearly as pleasant as sitting and looking at all the pretty Aqua buttons. I’ll organize it better if this page accumulates enough matter.

Installing from the command line

Here’s how I installed Free Pascal from an ssh session rather than going home, logging in, and using Finder.

This won’t work in screen because of the way OS X handles things. It’s inconvenient, but it’s also easy enough to detach your screen session for a minute.

Obviously, downloading the dmg file was the first thing I did. I just used the ELinks text mode web browser for that task.

$ hdid fpc-3.1.4.powerpc-macosx.dmg
$ cd /Volumes/fpc-2.1.4.powerpc-macosx/
$ sudo installer -verbose -pkg fpc-2.1.4.powerpc-macosx.pkg -target /
$ cd ~/
$ hdiutil detach /Volumes/fpc-2.1.4.powerpc-macosx/