Maybe Ration My Time In Hot Take Land

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I dunno, folks. Over the years I have seen so much [outrage][] - sincere or feigned - on social media. Then there’s the [echo chamber][] problem. Yeah. Nice thing about an RSS feed is that I’m guaranteed to see everything I subscribe to, but there’s no personal insult in unsubscribing.

I think maybe I could spend less time on Twitter and Facebook. Not give them up. They remain a source of great conversation. But this nonsense takes up brain that I just can’t spare. Some of my online friends cut themselves out completely, and [they like it][]. Perhaps I should follow their example. Besides, each of them that moves on means one less bit of signal in the noise.

There is so much noise. [outrage]: [echo chamber]: [they like it]:

I noticed that the Disqus sections for all post content in 2017 are tied to my screenshot post, which also happens to be the first post content of 2017. Made some adjustments and had Disqus recrawl the site.

Then I decided that maybe I can do without comments for a while.