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On moving your life forward

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From Art of Manliness: Stop Living Life “Paycheck to Paycheck”:

When you metaphorically live life “paycheck to paycheck,” you do just enough each week to maintain your current existence. You take care of the urgent and outstanding tasks the neglect of which would disrupt the status quo, but you never take action on things that would improve and progress your situation.

Even with Taskwarrior to help me tackle my TODO list, I feel the pain of living paycheck to paycheck":

I have the numbers to show that I’m getting lots done. Somehow I feel like I’m treading water. There’s always more. Both the great ideas and the big goals grow stale as I address the urgent issues that must be done now.

What is the recommendation to get out of that loop?

All it takes is completing one single to-do — one single task that moves your life forward, even slightly — each week.

Okay, I can do that. Well, sort of. I’m still trying to build some kind of idea what “forward” means for me. However, I can make a point of completing one task a week that’s been pushed aside by the high-priority, immediately-due attention grabbers at the top of task next.

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