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Looks like Sublime Text is shifting to a subscription plan

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Yesterday’s dev build plus A File Icon

Terence Martin posted a couple helpful videos explaining version licensing and the impending changes to the Sublime Text text editor, along with some tips on getting started with “version 4.” So nice I watched them twice.

A real subscription, where you get to keep the builds you paid for. I like this.

Okay, sure. Sublime Text isn’t open source. Version releases are few and far between. But it’s good — the only graphical text editor I’ve used that feels as responsive as Vim.

I love supporting independent development when I can. A subscription approach is more sustainable for developers and more satisfying for users than the (extremely) intermittent bursts of version-based licensing. There’s nothing official, so I don’t know what’s really happening. The Sublime Discord “announcements” channel holds the details.

Python 3.8.6. Good stuff!

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