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November 30th, 2020

Found the micro editor

micro --- apparently it's like nano but bigger.

OMG I hit C-v and it pasted the link. Just like that. Then I dragged that filemanager divider over --- with my mouse --- and it worked.

A shell text editor? With key bindings that make sense to people who haven't had their brains warped by Unix? With window splitting and tabs and JSON configuration and Lua plugins? I'm so confused.

March 19th, 2020

VS Code pylint needs pylintrc

Visual Studio Code doesn’t seem to pick up my environment’s PYTHONPATH when running pylint. Makes project-local modules a headache. The solution: put it in your workspace pylint config, ${workspaceFolder}/.pylintrc.

init-hook='import sys; sys.path.append("pylib")'

Okay, I got more planned for today than messing with code. Back to that other stuff.

July 16th, 2015

Remote Editing In Atom

I am slowly learning more about how to use Atom for real work.

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