Tooting with Python
Sunday, 15 August, 2021

pared down to the base blog

My rst.txt files become HTML before the SSG sees, so I may leave them
note #ssg #site
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No more content shortcodes. No more — or at least not many — exotic content formats. Embedded video or tweet? Copy and paste the embed code from the host site. Need some fancy HTML for notes? Use raw HTML.

I need a base blog, with minimal dependencies on Hugo or any other SSG, so I can get serious with some of those others. “I’d need to port all my shortcodes” has blocked me from switching for the last year and a half (you accumulate a lot of cruft using the same site builder for six years). Now it won’t be such a blocker.

Plus, I can try the fancy stuff in Astro or Lektor or whatever and still have the base blog to fall back on. Heck, I could port the base blog to Eleventy or Zola or …