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[2022-07-18 Mon 17:04]

Tags: workflow dendron vs-code

Figured out how to do text snippets in VS Code for Dendron notes. My wish for this world is less JSON.

Would YAML be better? Maybe, but no. I’m thinking something more like Emacs yasnippet files. Sure a file for every snippet may sound like overkill. It’s a heck of a lot easier to figure out what a single template looks without filtering from JSON list and then translating from JSON string to template string.

Anyways, snippets for timestamped list items in Dendron.

    "itime": {
        "prefix": "itime",
        "scope": "markdown",
        "body": "- **$CURRENT_HOUR:$CURRENT_MINUTE:** ",
        "description": "timestamp for interstitial notes"
    "inow": {
        "prefix": "inow",
        "scope": "markdown",
        "description": "datetime for interstitial notes"

Handy for interstitial journaling. Take the claims about interstitial journaling with as much salt as you need. I use timestamped notes to remember when I did, said, or thought a thing.

For some of us “time tracking” is just a tool to — um — track time.

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