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Sunday, 20 November, 2022
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Tuesday, 18 October, 2022

Pulling Twitter From POSSE Links

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Lots of Elon Musk madness going on at Twitter. From a Platformer summary of the last day or two.

…as Platformer was first to report, its chief privacy officer, Damien Kieran; its chief information security officer; Lea Kissner; and its chief compliance officer, Marianne Fogarty, had all resigned…So did John Debay, director of software engineering…much of the security governance risks and compliance team has left…

This is on top of all the folks Musk fired or who have resigned in the week since he took over. Encouraging folks to use Twitter seems unwise at this point.

Nothing profound here. Just means I’m not explicitly syndicating to or tracking WebMentions from there.