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Dendron is officially in maintenance mode

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Visual Studio Code with Dendron active
Dendron notes from Graceful.Dev Reproducible Development with Containers

…the tldr: we spent the past two years building a better way for humans to manage knowledge. While we made great strides there, as a business, we were ultimately not able to find product market fit for a venture backed business. After much soul searching, we’ve made the decision to do a pivot and pursue other business problems.

— Kevin Lin, #announcements on Dendron Discord

Aw, that’s disappointing. Dendron features prominently in my meta-note system. Dendron is the most nearly “just Markdown” of the “just Markdown” knowledge management systems out there. That makes it a safe spot to store and refactor the notes I gather with other tools. Excellent editor integration, too. Dendron kinda feels like core functionality to VS Code for me.

But in this time of tech layoffs and reprioritization, I guess it’s harder to sell core functionality than shiny shiny features.

It’s not the worst way to retire a project. They plan to keep the code alive, fixing bugs and reviewing pull requests. The license also switched from GPLv3 to the more permissive Apache 2.0. Fewer headaches about what kind of bigger projects you can incorporate your Dendron fork into.

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