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Stupid VS Code Vim Tricks

Tags: vs-code config

Still trying my experiment with using Dendron in VS Code as part of some sort of public second brain. Honestly I don’t know how long that’ll last, so I figure better share the fun stuff I learn here too.

Anyways this afternoon I installed the Vim extension and learned just enough about custom key bindings to add a few.

  "vim.leader": "<space>",
  "vim.normalModeKeyBindings": [
      "before": ["<leader>", "t", "l"],
      "commands": ["workbench.action.toggleSidebarVisibility"]
      "before": ["<leader>", "t", "r"],
      "commands": ["workbench.action.toggleAuxiliaryBar"]
      "before": ["<leader>", "t", "t"],
      "commands": ["workbench.action.toggleLightDarkThemes"]

These bindings look and work very similar to some of Logseq’s default bindings. That’s no accident. I like those bindings.

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